What is drywall application?
Drywall, plaster middle, both sides covered with cardboard, in series, produced in standard or custom sizes and are certain norms smooth surface plate. Drywall,                             the outer walls of the finished building, can be used in every field from the wall space. Drywall and suspended ceilings, partition walls, dry plaster and dry flooring applications are made. Drywall then the pH is the same as the human body; It does not produce bacteria. Fire resistant drywall. The simplest drywall created 7.5cm wide by making a single coating fire 30 minutes. Resistant. Drywall is flexible. Thanks to the fire that stretches from earthquakes and indestructible. Drywall is light, 1m paint ready for drywall partition wall brick wall it is lighter than the 9th floor. This means less affected by the earthquake. Plasterboard provides excellent sound and heat insulation, insulation values ​​that you want to say, we'll recommend you the most suitable Knauf Drywall System! Drywall breathes your home. When the humidity of the environment where the water molecules contained in the drywall reduced returns to the environment, noting when the moisture in the atmosphere to trap its structure, balance the moisture in short environments. Plasterboard partition walls will not lead to loss of place; with a minimum wall thickness of 7.5 cm, you get a smooth wall. When you want to create a wall with drywall you can easily dismantled, so you can expand or shrink your space. Quick and easy installation thanks to a labor and edersiniz.i time-saving structure, earthquake and fire resistant, sound and made in accordance with the thermal insulation of the rules, which will combine harmoniously functionality, comfort, comfortable, and is a place we can live safely. When the construction of modern housing in developed countries, it is observed that go to construction of light steel and timber construction. Reinforced concrete columns, beams, tunnel formwork, mild steel and timber construction optimum internal lining of the drywall construction system 'is. Drywall, frame brings flexibility and lightness to the building which was built robust and accurate. In a country like Turkey, which is in the earthquake zone 92S unfortunately drywall% use level is about 0.3 m per person. contemporary restructuring in developed countries count of drywall material in Turkey, one of the first that comes to mind has not reached the real market. So far, in large prestigious buildings, commercial and drywall used in industrial buildings, housing for our move calcined gypsum to produce newly girebilmiştir.alçıp the (base plaster), is sent to the mixer in the required amounts depending on the desired drywall kind to be produced. This is necessary chemicals simultaneously with the transaction is given to the system. miscible in the mixer and a mortar become loose gypsum mixture is sprayed onto the top of the band to spread cardboard walking. (On is the board in light injected grout float knows transactions on.) Drywall into the bottom of the carton with the formation pressure from above at the same time, chamfered and or PAHs starts to freeze at a certain point drywall in motion on şekillendirilir.b yourself. On sex, date of manufacture, such as the necessary information is written on the reverse side after scissors to avoid injury in the roll face made my kesilir.işle the desired length by marching bands and an oven. The reaction of the water and the plaster cast on the belt in the freezing has been completed. The water is evaporated in an oven in excess. After shaving the edges of the plaster from the oven it is stacked in units determined by the kind of production. After packaging as described below it becomes ready for sale. Drywall, parallel to the ground long edge when moving achieved, both ends kept in to prevent taşınmalıdır.deformasyo the plaster and wood and either cut from the plaster wedges on the horizontal must be stacked, wedge dimensions are the same, the ranges of 50 cm should not exceed. Drywall should be stored in closed and dry place. If the storage requirement in the open field, elevated from the base and cut the relationship with the ground, it must be thoroughly covered in them. does not work well with the drywall is wet during storage. Soaked drywall 's possible to re-use a dry, well-ventilated waiting for it to dry thoroughly in an environment. Soaked drywall 's normal and fire-resistant varieties for 70 hours, water resistant varieties available again 15 hours later. Plasterboard is located in the area are closed 6 pallets can be stacked on top of, and where there is no open space or ground level, this number drops to 5. Drywall who is in the open field before then on nylon canvas covered with drywall should be left the way air gap provided during korunmalıdır.üret article printed in the face, back float. Drywall 's the front of cardboard cut with a utility knife. Knife to cut carton must be completely in contact with the plaster surface. The cutting process is broken by cutting drywall hand over the impact of wood carpenter meter above the surface as a guide to be done if I kullanılır.kes record held by precise measurement. Drywall inverted rear plasterboard connection is cut with a utility knife. The pieces to be cut and square-shaped, square-shaped or cut after the marking process and you need to ileyap fine-toothed saw. In this case, use a utility knife practical olmayabilir.buat holes can be done with an electric hole saw and drill core or ready mounted on a saw.