Sheathing What is it?
For thermal insulation in buildings internally, externally and                              3 different methods are used, including sandwich walls. The formation of heat bridges                               avoid and best practices to ensure the continuity of insulation made                               sheathing application. Exterior sheathing applications in terms of physical structure                               The most suitable heat insulation. According to the seasons shots of heat jacketing                               thermal insulation of the building shell to prevent losses and gains                               It is coated with materials. Technically, if the thermal bridge                               heat conducted to the outer surface of the building to reach the required heat transmission coefficient                               Isolation is.
Menthol roll What are the advantages?
Façade in all kinds of beams, columns, beams etc .. prevents the formation of heat bridges completely isolating the reinforced concrete structures. Building a summer and winter temperature differences that occur in the cracks and damages caused by the temperature difference önler.dış wall can be wrapped in a mantle outside the main materials such as up to 5 ° C. Building exterior walls protected from the full impact of the external environment.   Risk of condensation is minimized.   It provides both heat and water insulation   A sheathing made according to the application technique allows energy saving of up to 50%.   It sheathing made of heat building in a balanced way and not the air flow for condensation is dispersed, so that would be obtained in a comfortable living space.   Contribute to protecting the environment by reducing fuel consumption.   concrete reinforcement of the building's exterior walls will extend the life of the building by protecting against corrosion.
Sheathing Where is it done?
The outer walls of buildings, rooftops, ground contact localities, separating the layers of flooring, such as storage garage and the part facing the unheated section                              cold storage can be applied to the sheathing.
Built in the period up Mantolama What?
Sheathing application takes an average of 1-4 weeks for a medium-sized building. Weather conditions in the building's size, it will work in practice                              The number of staff this time can affect positively or negatively. Strong wind, fog or rainy weather jacketing applications should be made. The ideal time application                              The outer surface to be made and the time when the ambient temperature is at least +5 ° C.
Thermal Insulation Systems How to Maintain?
Of conditioning exercises before wrapping in old buildings, antennas, signboards, it must remove all of the laundry iron. The main principle of the system will be mounted to the front after sheathing of these elements is much healthier than a decision to shut down the entire facade with thermal insulation panels without any interval. If still considered replacing the apartments in old buildings made of structural sheathing prior to this change it will also make an important contribution on behalf of the damage to the system. Some buildings are in the ground floor facing the car park. In such cases, the front wall in front of the flower bed, to put the tire iron fence or tool bar will eliminate the risk of unwanted accidents. Building management of the floor sheathing after taking joint decisions with their owners later stages in the external thermal insulation system to the specific management measures will be taken in the common interest of everyone. All you require assistance in consultation with the company that makes the application's building a case when it comes to wanting repairs, despite these measures will be the right choice. Benefit structure your life and your present construction industry, the most viable solution to the health of your living space outside sheathing roll again until the end of the advantages of your hands.