What decoration?
Applied decoration work inside or outside of the structures in architecture. The rooms, tastefully decorating the halls of mosques and palaces in well into the territory of the subject of decoration. Decoration, interior decoration and exterior decoration is divided into two parts under the name. They decorate the exterior is much more about architecture. Interior decoration: means an appropriate way to bring together the people of the utmost in comfort and with the various elements of the interior can live in peace purposes. Despite the emergence in the early 20th century interior decoration statement, the need to establish correspondence between these elements Prophet Adam mankind since I had heard all the time. What we first where people live, how they paved the units they worship (they decorated) There is no information. But today Egypt through text and pictures in hand, large and small who come out after the spectacular Roman civilizations and the arrival of hundreds of Islam is known to be how to decorate homes and other social structures in the Islamic state. Ancient Egypt and Rome a few metal chairs beside their pictures on the walls and ceiling, table and so on. They lived where they decorate with items. European medieval times with the development of crafts, especially of complex, dark and people lived in places decorated with ornaments that will put up to degree of difficulty. In Muslim nations, Islam according to inner peace and spiritual joy he gives to people whether thousands throughout the centuries next to the house, they offer people the service mosques, khans, baths, caravanserais, hospital, religious schools and so on. dazzling in the building, but he is also very simple interior brought the body. Of these, established in Spain from the Muslims after the growth of the Egyptian civilization, the Islamic state established by the Umayyad Andalusian government, gave birth to the Renaissance in Europe. Later in the series followed the development of technology in new equipment items are made, decorations appeared today in the modern sense. Interior lighting, ornate appearance of the walls and furnishings are made in order to make a certain effect. The most important of the hinged interior furnishing items made of bronze and was chair tale. Fireplaces, some made of wood furnishings, colorful decorations on the ceiling and wall reliefs, window frames and interior decor, with hanging curtains were on complementary. Interior decorations as used in Europe; steep, jagged, was in solid form it consists of view. The Turks in interior decoration, container, away from sharp lines, elegant look of pleasure and I would have to express the delicacy. The exterior decoration was called by the architect of the art features.