Saban What is it?
How alum between the materials used in construction before the matter is taken, "Saban What?" verelim.inşat screed in response to the question, instead                              poured concrete leveling insulation on the floor, the first objective of using the deniyor.şap spilled flooring materials for visual beauty and special purpose, leveling concrete                              poured surface is expressed as to protect it from external factors. but then used to extend the lifetime of the field; property suitable flooring areas to be used for specific purposes                              Do as ordered.
Saban's Uses
* Water and moisture under the influence places,
* Indoor and outdoor parking,
* Factory internal and external sites,
* Outdoor sports fields, indoor sports hall,
* Areas such as exhibition halls and show ...

Protection of water above the ground in places such as in written, obtaining the ground according to the evolution of the visual foreground application is made to order and purpose to the floor.
Saban cast Rules What?
* Saban poured to the surface dust, oil, dirt should not be.
* Construction material no longer needs to be stuck to the surface later as mortars.
* Leveling surface needs to be taken on four sides and four corners of the scale.
* Minimum screed thickness to be cast in terms that the scale permits, less than 0.2 cm screed made of cement and should not be more than 0.5 cm.
* For Synthetic alum content should not be more than less than 3 cm, 0.5 cm.
* Libra gauges must be placed.
* Long gauges to be moved zigzag made from fixed locations over the concrete forms.
* Saban poured the slab will be removed and made alum dump instead of immediately.
* After the surface is pulled gauge needs to be corrected with appropriate trowel.
* Large areas withdrew after gauge correction needs to be done by helicopter.
Saban Bulk Process Order
* The surface needs to be cleaned will be poured screed.
* Clean the surface to be cleaned of impurities stuck.
* It must be marked on the walls sides of the jeans.
* Edge needs to be placed on the slab.
* Needs to be checked with the balance of the above Anon.
* Preparation screed needs to be spilled.
* Saban's loss and needs to be corrected by leveling.