FeDeYAPI A.Ş. Founded in 1998, the year it was founded and general contracting services and contracting in the construction sector services in 2008 contracting as well as real estate buying and selling, designing and is directed to application needs with globalization has made great strides institutionalization way that felt. Construction of human life based on the FeDeYAPI A.Ş. The purpose of all income groups by addressing its infrastructure Been resolved, with nature, safe, modern and aesthetic structures to build. For this purpose; expert technical staff, professional, teamwork skills, modern analytical team with ideas, people and projects more comfortable with the commitment to quality offers contemporary living   development and is continuing to implement them, himself a solid place in the construction industry   It has adopted.


Reliable and have a say in the work we do as an honest, in time to comply with the agreement, always attaches importance to human values, respect for our employees and welfare                          levels are the issues that we keep our mission at the highest level.


Our first aim is robust, reliable and aesthetically while building buildings; To prevent damage to the natural environment and cultural values. Using technology, solid and secure is to build buildings.


Ensuring the continuity of the company reputation gained with great efforts and to be brought to a higher level, without compromising the quality of work right and make timely, more                          Work is detected in time by the employer and the client's needs and expectations in the context of the values we learn to meet them.